South Ossetia wants to join Russia

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 1,334

Separatist republic of South Ossetia, which separated from Georgia after short 5 days Georgia-Russia war, will held a referendum to join Russian Federation.

I presume that right now while all world is watching events happening in Ukraine, Donbass, Slavyansk, few have heard about situation in South Ossetia.

On the other hand, what makes me puzzled, here in Georgia, it's not heard from many as well. Seems that Georgia omits events in it's breakaway territory, in order to sign a Association Agreement with EU on June 27th together with Ukraine and Moldova.  For price of what?

On the other hand seems it's clear that Georgia have not many leverage options (not to say - they don't have any) to somehow affect its breakaway territories. 

Russia seems is not on rush to incorporate new federal subject on it's territory, as it happened in Crimea a few month away. But that is just for now.

I guess we should wait what will happen after June 27th. 

My feelings about this EU AA is ambivalent. Well I hope Georgia will prosper and live in peace and happiness, but on the other hand, Big Brother is right next door... As well I don't see any direct benefits from this agreement, except some generalized phrases.

So do you believe that Russia will incorporate South Ossetia in it's composition?