Spending first $5 from $100 to generate first lead

Updated: 21 August, 2014 seen 998

Yesterday I promised that I will spend $100 in 30 days in Google and Facebook ads in order to generate leads for my Drupal development firm. I will post about my success or failures in my blog for each spent $5. (at least I hope so :) )

Since my target audience is located in Georgia, and Georgia is country where Georgian is spoken $5 is pretty OK amount of money to get more than 100 clicks a day to your website. It's cheaper than in US, Canada or UK. On the other hand I don't speak Georgian, and for now my promotional materials are in English. So there is huge risk, nobody will care, because they might not to understand. 

But I hope to translate those materials to Georgian language soon.

Anyway I decided to start with spending first $5 on Facebook promoted posts.

  • I created a landing page with offer on my webpage, asking to leave contact details, so I can contact potential customers later.
  • I chose Facebook promoted post from Facebook page, I defined my audience those who are small business owners. Campaign will start in about 20 minutes.

My prognosis?

There should be at least 20 clicks to my website, but for now I doubt it will generate any lead or customer.

You might ask, if I'm so sure, that there will be no results, why should I'm spending money on it?

It's hard to tell - I truly believe that advertisement is not one time action, it must be repeated, and maybe after 10, 15 or 100 times it will help me generate that lead.

More about my online marketing activities - coming soon :)