I believe soon I will have a complete list of Kuldīga restaurants, but prior that I would like to introduce you another interesting place in this charming Curonian city, meet The Stender's Bar & Club. 

Stender's Bar&Club is located on charming street in Kuldīga

Its address is Liepājas street 3

Menu desk at Stender's

Menu at Stender's Bar

Interior at Stender's

Daily dose of Coke

Served with ice

Poster at Stender's Restroom

Yes, I even take my camera to restrooms

Outdoor patio at Stender's place

Outdoor patio at Stender's place

Or me learning my camera

Meal at Stender's

Meal at Stender's

I must admit in photos this meal looks much better as it tastes. Well it tastes pretty good - but instead of honey/mustard sauce you got served... a ketchup... 

The bottom line

Compared to other restaurants/bars in Latvia prices here at Stender's are pretty high (it's like we paid some 20 EUR for some average meal here). But hey interiour is cool. Sure, why not. Go visit once in Kuldīga.

Location & Map
Liepājas iela 3 LV-3301 Kuldīga Latvia
Coordinates: 56.968441 21.970008