Stock Options Trading Income August 2022 +$229.62

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I hope you had a good August. I spent last month traveling quite a lot around Latvia and at the end of the month, we returned back to Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Lake Ežezers in Latvia

At the start of August was my birthday and we decided to visit the region of Latgale in Latvia. Spent a good time wandering around the beautiful land of blue lakes.

Regarding the stock market, it was quite a ride, it started quite good, but ended the month being underwater (again).

SP 500 lost almost 4% in the month of August

Last month I performed a total of 19 trades, trading credit spreads, puts, and calls on the following stocks: FCEL, SPCE, DB, ING, INTC, NKLA, MRO, FEZ, VXRT and SESN.

Wow, that's quite a lot for a small account I currently run. with the stock market tumbling down, I got troubled with a few tickers. I decided to take an assignment with INTC stock at $35 and rolled DB put into late October. 

It looks like I will get troubled with FEZ and GOLD this September. 

Options Trades in August 2022

I managed to close August with a pretty decent +$229.62 options income. I would say that is quite OK for a small EUR 2,200 account.

Seems I bit overtraded last month, which get me into trouble. For the next months, I'm very conservative and looking to trade out existing positions, not open new ones.

  • Deposited: EUR 320
  • Net Liquidation:  €2,179.88 (-EUR 356.52)
  • Cash: -EUR 1,473

In the month of August, my net liquidity decreased by EUR 356, which is about a 16.34% loss in a single month. Meantime SP 500 lost 3.97%, Nasdaq 100 lost - 5.17% and Dow Jones Index shed -3.93%. Let's see, will I be able to beat those indexes next month?

For the month of September, I'm looking at some $150 options income gain but I have not a single clue about the growth of net liquidity. Would love to return on a growth. 

Last, but not least, half of the options income I'm going to reinvest back into the dividend-paying stock this month. Looking to buy 6 shares with ARCC stock, which should boost my monthly dividend by about 0.73$, not the biggest addition, but I guess every cent counts?!

Ticker Shares Dividend Frequency Monthly Year Total VALUE Price Yield
INTC 100 $1.24 4 $10.33 $124.00 $3,192.00 $31.92 3.88%
ARCC 6 $1.46 4 $0.73 $8.76 $117.84 $19.64 7.43%
              Yearly $132.76
              Monthly $11.06
              DAILY $0.36

Prior to this buy, my trailing 12-month dividend stood at $10.33/mo. Now with the latest addition, it will increase to $11.06. Awesome. As I have a negative cash balance I won't buy any other stock (unless will get assigned)