Stock Options Trading Income July 2022 +$145.30

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Welcome to the new renewed monthly stock options income reports.

I stopped publishing monthly reports more than two years ago, just shortly after being hit hard by Covid 19 market crash 

In the past 12-24 months my stock options portfolio has been walloped, decreasing from its heights at about  EUR 20,000 to under EUR 2,000, primarily because of bad trades, overtrading and overleveraging.

EUR 20,000 actually gives some EUR 133,000 Buying power.

When my stock portfolio was about EUR 1,400 and not bleeding anymore I decided I will take my lesson and build back my portfolio to at least EUR 20,000 in the next 3 years. ( deposited an additional EUR 760 to the stock portfolio, so it was above EUR 2,000 and I could trade both covered calls and cash secured puts with buying power. My intention is not to use borrowed money, but to have it open just for short-term trades. 

So here comes my first new options trading income report, covering the month of July 2022.

Last month I was trading just three stocks: Dutch ING bank, Barrick Gold and VXRT

Options Trades in July 2022

I managed to close July with a decent +$145.30 options income. I would say that is quite OK for a small EUR 2,000 account.

Right now I'm very conservative and trading mostly covered calls on a few tickers. I have two put options opened on GOLD and ING stock, which in total will ask about EUR 2,500 to invest if assigned, but I will try my best to avoid assignment in the future and roll out these positions. 

  • Deposited: EUR 760
  • Net Liquidation: EUR 2,215.90 (+EUR 899.05)
  • Cash: -EUR 390

In the month of July, my net liquidity increased by EUR 139, which makes about a 6.2% gain

For the month of August, I'm looking at some $100 options income gain but have not a single clue about the growth of net liquidity. Would love to have a positive Cash balance.