Stopping Buying Dividend Stocks to Beef Up Cash Balance 2

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I have decided to pause buying new dividend (or any other) stock until will decrease my negative cash balance down to -EUR 10,000.

Today my cash balance is standing at -EUR 11,911.

With the recent market volatility (omricon and Fed rates) it might seem like a great buying time, but I have decided to grow back some cash balance, wait for some options to expire, roll bad ones, keep selling covered calls, and deposit additional cash until I will decrease my negative cash balance down to at least -EUR 10,000

I'm not planning to sell any of the stock I currently hold. Until further notice, I will just stop buying PFE, INTC, WBA, AAPL, ARCC, MPW, and BAC.

As of today, my projected monthly dividend income stands at $76.80

I hope to return to dividend stock buying in February 2022