Switching back to Google Adsense default settings

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<p>At start of this May <a href="http://www.reinisfischer.com/change-adsense-placement-higher-ctr-experi… changed Adsense placement in my blog</a> in order to get higher click through rate. So far this seems is working, CTR has raised.&nbsp;</p><p>Now I'm willing to increase Cost Per Click.&nbsp;</p><p>For last 10 days I stacked with 2 image only ad units and one text only ad unit. I believe due to fact, that my blog traffic is pretty modest, I started to receive smaller CPC, while getting higher CTR.</p><p>For now I'm switching back to Google Adsense default settings (text/image)</p><p>It's still plenty of time to test, what works better and what not. In future I'm planing to decrease ad unit count to 2 or even just 1.</p>