Terramatris - Crypto investment & trading in Georgia

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For the past several years I've been actively involved in the crypto sphere - building mining rigs, flipping altcoins, buying low - selling high (sometimes vice versa), trading crypto derivatives, exploring smart contracts, launching tokens, and now considering launching Tbilisi real estate as NFT on the blockchain.

For most of the time I've been sharing my notes on my blog, the one you are currently reading, but lately, I feel I want to take it to another level - making investment and trading firm.

As I have been living in Georgia for more than 11 years already I also see this firm's geography being in Georgia (at least regarding real estate projects). 

I decided to reuse one of my earlier ideas about Terramatris (Drupal development company) and extend it to crypto investment and trading in Georgia (and beyond).

Here are just a few things Terramatris can help with:

  • GEL to Crypto exchange (BTC/ETH/USDT) to your bank account in Georgia
  • Crypto commerce setup (start accepting bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency payments)
  • Bitcoin futures trading with margin
  • Real estate investments via crypto in Georgia
  • Dollar-cost average investments in Bitcoin
  • Tax consultancy
  • Ethereum Smart contracts / Issuing your own tokens

For now, Terramatris is the same as Reinis Fischer, except it's narrowed down to crypto investment, website is still proudly powered by Drupal.