TLRY -> SPCE -> DB -> INTC -> AAPL Covered call writing

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In this article, I will share my idea for growing back my stock portfolio by starting small.

Long story short, after several years with a costly Dutch Lynx Broker (affiliated with Interactive Brokers), where I was paying high commissions for stock buys (sells) and options trades I finally closed it in mid-September 2022, closing all the positions and withdrawing funds.

Because of some regulation, I was not allowed to open an Interactive Brokers account (much cheaper commissions) for a 6 month period. Some cool down period or something.

From the withdrawn funds I decided to focus on crypto options trades only for the next 6 months, before opening my brand new account with Interactive Brokers.

I started trading Solana and Ethereum options on Deribit. Later in December, I launched TerraM crypto token on the Solana network, which is a crypto fund, where I'm the largest investor (at the moment).

We trade Ethereum options and distribute profit back to token holders and liquidity pool on Raydium, also investing in other crypto assets, like Bitcoin and Solana coin.

As the founder and largest investor I'm holding about 20% share in the TerraM fund. I decided to take my "dividends" out and reinvest them back into the stock market. 

Because the TerraM weekly distribution is modest in dollar terms I decided to go with some cheap penny stock to build up my stock portfolio.

I plan to start with TLRY stock, which costs about $3.05 per share. It would require me about $305 investment before selling covered calls on it, thus generating additional income from the position. 

Once I will reach 100 shares with TLRY stock, I will start buying Virgin Galactic stock, which cost about $5.19 at the time of writing this article. Once the value of the total portfolio will be enough to have 100 shares with Virgin Galactic, I will sell TLRY stock and buy enough shares to have 100 SPCE stock for covered call writing.

Then I will start buying Deutsche Bank stock, which cost about $13.04 at the time of writing this article. Once the total value of the portfolio will be enough for having 100 shares with DB: NYSE stock, I will sell the SPCE position and have 100 DB: NYSE for covered call writing.

The next purchase in the row - is INTC stock, which costs about $29.22 at the time of writing. Once the total value of the portfolio will be enough for owning 100 shares with INTC stock, I will sell the DB:NYSE position and have 100 INTC stock for covered call writing.

Last, but not least - AAPL stock, Once I will have at least 100 shares with INTC I will start buying AAPL stock. The ultimate goal for the portfolio is holding 100 AAPL shares by the end of 2023. Once my stock portfolio balance will reach at least $2,000 it will qualify for portfolio margin - meaning I will be able buying stocks on credit.