Top 20 Tbilisi and Tskneti Restaurants 2016

Welcome to the subjective TOP 20 Tbilisi and Tskneti restaurant list. This is the second annual Tbilisi restaurant top crafted by me, see TOP 20 Tbilisi restaurants for previous year.

In this year top I have extended reach by adding two more great restaurants from Tskneti (suburbs of Tbilisi) as lately I really love to visit this area. Many restaurants and cafeterias from last years list haven't made into this years top, simply I haven't visited them lately and that could mean following - some of them are out of business, like my personal favorite - 11 Katkha restaurant near Dinamo Stadium, some are just out of my radar (haven't visited them lately) and there are many great new openings and discoveries. From newcomers in this list I would highly suggest to visit Sachebureke near Abanotubani or Sareckele.


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In this years list - many places are from foreign cuisine (French, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Armenian and so on), well that doesn't mean I have stopped to love Georgian cuisine, just it turned out to be a foreign year. for me. I felt really exited after tried Azerbaijani cuisine at restaurant Agha near Tbilisi Circus. From Georgian style places I can really recommend Rachis Ubani near Opean Air Museum (Turtle lake road).

Enough talking, here is the list of TOP 20 Tbilisi and Tskneti restaurants. Enjoy your meal!




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