Top 30+ Dividend Income Blogs October 2017

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If you have been following my blog for a while, you have already, probably noticed that once in a month I publish my personal dividend income report covering earnings from dividend stocks, peer to peer lending and cryptocurrencies.

There are two financial goals I'm looking to achieve. The short-term goal is to earn from dividend-paying stocks  $100/mo in 2018. The long-term goal -  to land 1 million dollars in my savings account by the time I will turn 60 (that's in 2045).

Now, I decided to take a look - are there other dividend income bloggers? If, how much do they make from dividends? How do I stand against others?

Turns out there are zillions of dividend income bloggers, there are many already established blogs and there are a lot of newcomers to Dividend Investment. 

A quick Google search and here comes the first report for October 2017.

This report is very basic, listing 31 publicly available dividend income report for the month of October. No additional details are discovered, but you can learn more by clicking on monthly data.

As there are investors from different Geographies (US, Canada, Europe, Asia), I have used latest USD exchange rates to get the final numbers.

Rank Name October 2017
1 Mr. Tako Escapes $3,587.74
2 Race2Retirement $1,716.64
3 Passive Income Mavericks $1,488.63
4 Dividend Hawk $1,467.97
5 TawCan $1,310.05
6 Dividend Quest $870.33
7 Investment Hunting $558.86
8 Two Investing $491.47
9 Dividend Cake (Mom) $434.23
10 Lanny $422.03
11 My Dividend Dynasty $378.72
12 Monsieur Dividende $321.88
13 Dividend Magig $288.77
14 Dividend Lord $233.80
15 Dividend Income Stocks $219.73
16 Dividend Mirracle $173.24
17 Dividend Vet $163.14
18 American Dividend Dream $120.37
19 DGI for The DIY $112.23
20 The Money Sprout $105.22
21 Dividend Solutions $90.13
22 Div Rider $88.57
23 Dividend Cashflow $80.72
24 Reinis Fischer $72.97
25 Polliesdividend $70.97
26 Wealth From Thirty $56.14
27 The Frugal Cottage $49.22
28 Stashing Dutchman $39.26
29 March toward a million $38.27
30 Dividend Portfolio $23.21

In October there were 5 bloggers making more than $1,000 from dividends: Mr. Tako Escapes, Race2Retirement, Passive Income Mavericks, Dividend Hawk and TawCan

Mr. Tako Escapes probably was the greatest discovery for me this month, according to the written on the website

Mr. Tako is a financially independent father of 2 boys who reached his financial independence at the tender age of 38. Along with his wife, Mrs. Tako, they live in the rainy Pacific Northwest (of the United States).

Speaking about my position in this table, yeah the spot # 24 doesn't look attractive. On the other hand, I'm just starting out, just recently the total net worth of portfolio reached $10.000. The snowball is just starting to roll.

The Bottom Line

Didn't find your favorite dividend blog on this list? Leave a comment with a link to the latest income report and I will include this blog in next Dividend Bloggers Income report. 

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