Ekspress Grupp

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Latest Stock Sale: Ekspress Grupp

December 18, 2019
On December 2, 2019, I sold all 530 shares of Ekspress Grupp I had, getting EUR 0.78 per share, to finance the purchase of US stocks. Ekspress Grupp​​ has been in my portfolio since 2017. I remember I bought it while sipping cocktails on a lovely balcony in Crete, Greece Ekspress...

Latest Stock Buy from Nasdaq Baltic - Ekspress Grupp (EEG1T)

March 27, 2019
On February 11th, 2019, I bought an additional 200 shares of Ekspress Grupp (EEG1T) paying EUR 0.98 per share. As this stock is from the Nasdaq Baltic listings, it's hard to forecast future dividend for it, but as I have this stock in my portfolio since 2017, I'm looking for...