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Cafe Ivetas Ķēķis / Jura Staļļi / Grobiņa

September 16, 2018
Cafe Ivetas Ķēķis (Iveta's Kitchen) is located in Grobiņa municipality, some 10km from Liepāja, this cafe/restaurant actually is part of another cool attraction Jura Staļļi (George's Stables). From my understanding, it's a family run business.  It was already past 20:00 and we left Liepāja a little...

Caffe 'Lielā Pietura' Review in Grobiņa, Latvia

June 18, 2015
Caffe 'Lielā Pietura' literally translates as 'The Great Stop' and there is no surprise of this name, this cafeteria is actually located close to the ... a bus stop in Grobiņa, connecting capital city Rīga with Liepāja. This cafeteria serves traditional Latvian cuisine for a very reasonable prices.Caffe 'Lielā Pietura...