Samsung Laptops

Top 20 Best Selling Samsung Laptops / Notebooks

April 09, 2018
Samsung is a well-known brand manufacturing Chromebooks as well both traditional and Touchscreen laptops. In this article I have listed top 20 popular Samsung laptop / notebook models in 2018 Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to, by clicking on links on...

Best Touch Screen Laptops for Sale 2014 - Buy on Amazon

November 17, 2014
Hello and welcome to another list of best rated laptops on Amazon. This time I have listed best laptops with touch screen. While touch screen is nothing new in our days, I first met with them in some Walmart store in 2012, and was really excited of them. Actually I'm excited of touch screens even today - though the...

Top 10 Samsung Laptops Running Windows 8

October 13, 2014
So you are a Samsung laptop fan, running old Windows XP, and looking to replace your existing Samsung laptop with newer one - capable of running Windows 8? You have come to the right place - in this article I have listed top 10 most popular buyer choices - choosing a new Samsung laptop capable of running Windows 8....