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Adjusting Call Ratio Back Spread: XLF -> NRZ
Call ratio back spreads is my second favorite option trading strategy, after covered calls.  In today's article, I'm going to share how I adjusted (...
Trading Results Week 15/2020 (+$91.80)
Trading week 15/2020 lasted from April 6 until April 9, 2020, just 4 days for trading as on April 10, The Good Friday was observed. This week I traded...
Trading Results Week 12/2020 (+$98.00)
Trading week 12/2020 lasted from March 16 until March 120 2020 This was another disastrous week in the market, I faced at least one more margin...
Recovery Plan 2.0 Ratio Back Spreads
On March 12, 2020, markets tanked more than 20% from their all-time high's in February, I faced a margin call, my positions were force liquidated -...