Trade plan for May 2020 (Stock Buys + Options Trades)

Updated: 1 May, 2020 seen 28

For the month of May 2020, I'm looking to decrease my negative cash balance to -EUR, 2,500 at the end of the month, meanwhile I'm looking to buy additional 8 shares of Pfizer (increasing the total count to 15).

As I'm holding some options contracts, some are going to expire in May, some are going to expire worthlessly, some will need to be adjusted. 

One of the things I want to do in May  - sell more covered calls.

Currently, there are two stocks I'm holding with call options expiring in May - ET and NRZ - more covered calls should be sold once these expire.

If shares get called away - take them back using cash-secured puts.

No trading with SPX, Gold futures, or other financial instruments without underlying assets. No trades with ETF's either. 

During the month of May, I hope to finish my covered calls  Google Spreadsheet, here is the working example of the current spreadsheet, tracking 5 stocks: ET, NRZ, AMS:AGN, SDC and SPCE

Covered Calls Google Spreadsheet

Covered Calls Google Spreadsheet

From covered calls/puts - looking to take ~ $300 during the month of May

This is going to be tough, but the end result should be worth the effort.