Trading week 11/2020 lasted from March 9 until March 13, 2020

This was one of the worst weeks in the market so far. On March 12 I faced a margin call and some of my long-held positions were liquidated, to free up some cash I closed positions with a loss.

From closed trades, I closed 5 trades: 2 futures on gold, 1 SPX, and a ratio back spread on VGK and EUN2. I should note that ratio backspreads generated me some nice income, but not enough to close this week in pluses. 

From opened trades, I opened 2 call ratio back spread on EEM and XLF

Week 1-11 2020 Trading Results

So far, after eleven weeks of trading in 2020, my total net income for the year is negative-$6.31, while gross income has dropped to $369.22. 

Looking to make at least net $100 (after commissions) next week

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