Welcome traders to the New Year, I wish you a very prosperous and safe trading 2020. Let's make it BIG!

With this article, I'm starting the new trading journal for 2020. It's planned that there will be at least 52 such articles for the rest of the year. Today I'm sharing results for the first week from 2020. 

Trading week 1/2020 lasted from December 30, 2019 - January 3, 2020

Last week I made only one 0DTE SPX trade (in which I took a loss) and four more than 80 DTE trades on Gold futures (GC). The total gross income: $732.40

Also, I closed 4 trades last week. Two of them were back from October 2019 (GC) and one was from the previous week (4 GC lots). The total net income$351.40

Week 1/2020 Trading Results

Week 1/2020 Trading Results

In total: 5 new trades

  • net income: $351.40
  • gross income: $732.40

If I would manage to make net income $351.40 every week for 52 weeks in a row, it would give me $18,272.8/year. Sounds good to me

Looking to make at least net $300 (after commissions) next week

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