Trading Results Week 20/2020 (+$239.40)

Updated: 12 May, 2020 seen 24

Trading week 20/2020 lasted from May 4 until May 8, 2020. I closed this week with a small gain of +$239.4

From closed trades, I closed 6 trades: 3 with ET, 2 with BAC and 1 with RDSA.

Opened 2 new trades on SDC (vertical bull put)

Week 1-20 2020 Trading Results

Week 1-20 2020 Trading Results

So far, after twenty weeks of trading in 2020, my total net income for the year is very humble +$473.32, while gross income stands at   $562.92. Nothing to be excited about. 

For the past couple of weeks, I have been exploring the idea of selling covered calls only (and sometimes cash-secured puts) on stocks. No naked trades anymore. I still have some 14 open positions, and probably there will be some adjustments needed.

Also, there is a chance I will make some vertical trade in the future, but I don't look anymore seriously on this trading style - instead covered calls. For covered call writing, I've launched a separate website - - you are kindly invited!


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