Trading week 2/2020 lasted from January 6 - January 10, 2020

This week I was mostly adjusting trades from the previous weeks. It depends how you count but I count each trade separate (Even roll-ups), and for the second week of 2020  net loss is -$662.60 while gross income is +$1,874.80

The negative return comes from the roll-ups. In total, I rolled up 3 positions, two for GC contracts and one for SPY. In total, I paid -$789.85 to adjust suffering trades, by closing them.

For opening new rolled up strikes on these trades I received gross income of +$1,157.4, in theory, my max gain on these trades in the future is -$789.85+1,157.4 = $367.55

While doing roll-ups I also increased contract size, more risk. Anyhow, despite scary total -$662.60 net income loss, I will say the loss is relative, as received gross income from the roll-ups will compensate for the loss in the future weeks.

Week 1-2 2020 Trading Results

Week 1-2 2020 Trading Results

In total: 8 trades

  • net income: -$662.60
  • gross income: +$1,874.80

So far, after two weeks of trading in 2020, my net income is negative -$295.4, while gross $2,139.80

Looking to make at least net $300 (after commissions) next week

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