Trading Results Week 3/2020 (+$397.80)

Updated: 21 January, 2020 seen 132

Trading week 3/2020 lasted from January 13 - January 17, 2020

This week I was mostly closing trades made in the previous weeks. Also, one of my goals for this week was to limit open position to 10 (there were 12 positions prior) I managed to limit it down to 9. Awesome.

For the third week of 2020 net income is +$397.80 while gross income is +$267.20

Week 1-3 2020 Trading Results

Week 1-3 2020 Trading Results

Last week I closed 5 positions all with profit and opened just 2 new positions. Seems that I prefer to trade small and less often. I would be happy if I would manage to keep the same pace in the future weeks.

Opened 2 positions on GC with expiry in February and November 2020 (Looking to close both at 50% profit), Closed 5 positions, from which 3 were GC, 1 SPX, and 1 SPY

So far, after three weeks of trading in 2020, my net income is humble $102.40, while gross $2,113.40. If I would keep such trading results for the next 49 weeks I could make about $1,774 trading income by the end of the year. Not the most interesting numbers for me. 

Next week will be tough, as most probably I will have to either close with loss or roll up a suffering trade with SPX, I can already see here a loss of at least -$400, I find it will be hard to close next week positive, but I will try. My goal is 0-200 trading income for the next week. Also looking to limit max open positions to 8.