Trading Results Week 41/2019 (+$211.97)

Updated: 23 December, 2019 seen 67

Welcome traders to the weekly trading results, where I'm documenting how much I made from trading options on indexes and futures in the previous week.

I started my trading journal on September 23, 2019, and it's planned that there will be at least 52 such articles for the next 52 weeks. Today I'm sharing results for the third week from this journey

52 weeks covers a span for a one year. One year is a great time to learn and master trading. With these reports, I hope to improve my trading skills and premiums over time. 

Trading week 41 was from October 7 until October 11, 2019 (Monday - Friday)

In total: 11 trades

6 winning trades, 3 losing trades, 2 trades open, (in total 10 open trades from the previous weeks)

  • The total premium collected $211.97
  • Total paid in commissions: $76.53
  • Average premium per lot: $0.98

This week I was trading 0 DTE and 1 DTE FOP's and weekly DTE for ES, SPX, GC and AEX​

Besides trading verticals, this week I was trading Iron Condors and Iron Flies (on AEX index)

  • biggest win: $73 with 1 call bear spread on GC 1535/1530
  • biggest loss: -$74 with an Iron Fly on GC 1515/1510/1505 (I was learning new trading technique here - Iron Fly)

AEX index was my biggest discovery this week and I plan to sell more Iron Condors on it in the future

Weekly trading results

Weekly trading results

This week was the lowest so far (let's hope it stays so). If I would manage to make $211.97 every week for 52 weeks in a row, it would give me $11,022.44/year. Well, I definitely like this number, but frankly speaking, would love to see it at least double.

So far (after 3 weeks) I've made $1,150.07 (on average $383.35/week), if I would keep averages for the next 49 weeks, it would translate into $19,934.2. Now, much better.

Looking to make at least $300 (after commissions) next week 


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