Trading Results Week 4/2020 (-$101.10)

Updated: 28 January, 2020 seen 29

Trading week 4/2020 lasted from January 20 - January 24, 2020. Actually the week was even shorter as on Monday 20, there was a Martin Luther King Day which is a public holiday in the US.

This week I closed just one trade, which resulted in a negative -$101.10 net income. This trade was actually a roll-up for a suffering SPY call bear trade

For opening new rolled up strike on SPY I received gross income of +$110.4, in theory, my max gain on these trades in the future is -$101.10+110.4 = +$9.2

Additionally, I opened two more trades on SPX and SPY. Gross income this week +$196.00

Week 1-4 2020 Trading Results

Week 1-4 2020 Trading Results

In total: 3 trades

  • net income: -$101.1
  • gross income: +$196.00

So far, after four weeks of trading in 2020, my net income is negative very humble $1.2, while gross $2,035.8. While on commissions I have paid already $375.20. Right now it seems that only the broker is making hefty income from me.

Looking to make at least net $200 (after commissions) next week