Trading Results Week 44/2019 (+$1,186.98)

Updated: 23 December, 2019 seen 40

Welcome traders to the sixth week's (#6) trading result income report.

If you are new here - with the help of these reports I'm documenting my path trading options on indexes and futures in the previous week.

I started my trading journal on September 23, 2019, and it's planned that there will be at least 52 such articles for the next 52 weeks. 

52 weeks covers a lifespan for one year. One year is a great time to learn and master trading. With these reports, I hope to improve my trading skills and premiums over time. 

Trading week 44 was from October 25 until November 1, 2019 (Monday - Friday)

In total: 26 trades

12 winning trades, 0 losing trades, 14 trades open, (in total 30 open trades from the previous weeks)

  • The total premium collected $1,186.98*
  • Total paid in commissions: $157.42
  • Average premium per lot: $0.78 

*Actually I collected $1,971.38 premiums this week, but there were a few roll forward trades from the previous week trades, which were closed as losing trades (yet)

This week I was trading more longer-term options (up to 92 days), also  0DTE, 1DTE and of course weeklies, bi-weeklies, and monthlies

Most trades were vertical spreads (bear calls and bull puts)

  • biggest win: $43 with 1 put bull spread on GC 1465/1470
  • biggest loss: none

This week was the highest in terms of income so far. If I would manage to make $1,186.98 every week for 52 weeks in a row, it would give me $61,722.96/year. Wow, that's the number I would love to take.

Weekly trading results

Weekly trading results

So far (after 6 weeks) I've made $3,164.53 (on average $527.42/week), if I would keep the averages for the next 46 weeks, it would translate into $27,425 at the end of this experiment. I'll take it.

Looking to make at least $450 (after commissions) next week 

I'm starting to develop some guidelines for my trading, here are few I'm planning to implement next week:

  • Current available funds: > EUR 500
  • Open trades: max 32

Looking to trade bigger size 0DTE lots on SPX