Welcome traders to the ninth week's (#9) trading result income report.

If you are new here - with the help of these reports I'm documenting my path trading options on indexes and futures in the previous week.

I started my trading journal on September 23, 2019, and it's planned that there will be at least 52 such articles for the next 52 weeks. 

52 weeks covers a lifespan for one year. One year is a great time to learn and master trading. With these reports, I hope to improve my trading skills and premiums over time. 

Trading week 47 was from November 18 until November 22, 2019 (Monday - Friday). For the second week in a row I suffered loses. I was not making new trades this week, just adjusting trades from the previous weeks.

  • In total: 8 trades were closed last week
  • 2 winning trades, 6 losing trades
  • The total premium collected -$302.90

Weekly trading results / Week 9

Weekly trading results / Week 9

If you have been following this challenge since the beginning, you will notice that in the above chart there are more losing weeks, that's because I changed how I count results. In the previous articles, I was counting all premium received, but as it does not always show the true scene I decided to count only closed trades during the week.

It has been 4 weeks in a row when I'm taking a loss, Ouch. I hope to get back on the track next week.

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