Trading Results Week 6/2020 (-$362.40)

Updated: 11 February, 2020 seen 28

Trading week 6/2020 lasted from February 3 until February 7, 2020

This was meant to be a good week with a net profit, but I bit rushed and spent $750 on a call future, as I thought that SPX will touch, break and shoot over 3,350, at one point SPX futures indeed were trading at 3,354, and at this point, I decided to buy call future to hedge against suffering SPX leg. At the end SPX cooled off a bit, luckily I managed to offset my huge spent on-call future, by opening additional ES vertical call bear and my total net loss this week "just" -362.40. If not trying to adjust and let expire I would make about $150 - $200 net profit this week.

In total 6 opened trades: 1 ES call future, 1 ES call bear, 2 trades with GC futures (bull and bear), and a test trade on call ratio back spread on EEN ETF.

Week 1-6 2020 Trading Results

Week 1-6 2020 Trading Results

Total: 6 trades

  • net income: -$362.4
  • gross income: -189.20

So far, after six weeks of trading in 2020, my total net income for the year is negative --$368.80, while gross income is  $2,034.60. Meantime on commissions, I have paid already $556.90. Right now it seems that only the broker is making a very hefty income from me.

Looking to make at least net $200 (after commissions) next week


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