Twitter Engagement: Text and Link vs Image and Link

Updated: 31 January, 2016 seen 1,556

I decided to measure engagement on Twitter  - which performs better - Text + link or Text + Image + link. For this experiment I took a "brand new" Twitter account with a little bit more than 2000 followers on that - Tweets and Followers are Travel related.

I used Tweetdeck to schedule tweets 24 hours in advance. Each tweet was with 10 minutes interval. In total for each day there was 144 tweets, but only 20% of them was unique. With help of Tweetdeck I repeated tweets exactly with 4 hour interval.

Let see the results

  Day 1 (Text only) Day 2 (Text and Image)
Favorited 6 40
Retweeted 46 95
Clicks on URL 7 2

In above chart you can see raw data comparison for Day 1 when tweet with text and URL was tweeted and Day 2, when text, image and URL was posted.

As you can see  - the clear winner is tweets containing images. Favorited count increased more than 6 times, while retweets doubled

But there is one But - actual clicks on URL was higher in tweets with text and link only.

Depending on your marketing needs to spread your message on Twitter you should or shouldn't use Images attached to your tweets. On the other side - nice looking pictures can help to spread your message in other ways - by saying that, I mean you could try to promote info-graphics, for example, on Twitter. 

But again - 144 tweets in a day is much, not to say too much and result - 7 not to say 2 clicks on that day is more than pathetic results

Lessons learned

Twitter is great tool to spread your message, but trying to spam it you risk to became a damned spammer - and nobody will listen to you.

My understanding for now - there is no need to tweet every 10 minutes 24 hours in a row. Much better is to discover times when your Twitter audience is online and spread your message on that time. 

2000 followers for some might seem much, and for some might seem nothing. For me it was a great experiment to learn - is it worth to invest in non-stop tweeting. For now it seems - it's not. 

Repeating one and exact content on Twitter multiple times per day might make you look like a damned spammer. Better repeat your tweets in longer time period. Best not more than once in a week.

For example - if you are a blogger, and you are thinking to "spam" your Twitter audience in order to get clicks back - you can still "spam" but do it wisely, lets say you do have 100 great articles written on your blog, create a schedule for you - post one article once in a week. Take that one article and schedule it for next 8 weeks with one week interval. Take your second article  - schedule it and so on. Be sure to check you do have actual followers on Twitter.

That's said - It doesn't mean I will stop investigating how to get more clicks from Twitter, but for this time I will wait 5000 followers to come, and see if I can get better results for clicks.