Week #15 Ethereum Options Trading Results (+0.0062 ETH)

Updated: 24 March, 2023 seen 35

At the end of the week, the total value of our Ethereum / EUR portfolio was worth $1,531.35, which is about 15.31% of my $10,000 goal. Nevertheless, last week's portfolio gained +0.73% of its value. In dollar terms, we gained +$25.69.

One of our short-term goals is to grow the portfolio back to its all-time high of $1,802, which was recorded at the start of January

Total ETH available: 0.6839 (Margin balance: 0.7320). There is about 0.0481 ETH available to be gained from the current, open options trades

Ethereum portfolio Week 15
Ethereum portfolio Week 15

At the moment, there are 2 put and 1 call options opened with the following strikes and expiry dates:

  • 1600 Put (March 31, expiry)
  • 1100 Put (March 31, expiry)
  • 1700 Call (April 28, expiry)

Last week I rolled up 1600 strike to 1700, as this roll didn't invold rolling forward, I paid a little credit/

To keep the max profit, ETH should stay between 1,600  and 1,700. In case of a challenged trade we will try to adjust the trade by rolling up or down the challenged side)

From the expired options trades, we booked 0.0062 ETH this week

Additionally, we bought 0.01 ETH on Coinbase.

I'm currently working on developing a course on options trading with cryptocurrency, which will cover the basics of options trading, as well as more advanced strategies and tactics for maximizing profits and minimizing risk. Feel free to enrol now!