Why I Stopped Facebook ADS Campaign: Case Study

Updated: 31 January, 2016 seen 802

This post comes from my blogs draft section - originally I wanted to name it - How To Use Facebook ADS To Promote blog content, but since I got a negative return of that campaign - I decided to change title and meaning of this blog post - that actually sometimes Facebook ADS (or any other PPC) can do a harm for your blog.​

Some time ago I decided to create an experiment - Should every bloger should spend $1.00 per day on Facebook Ads. I was keen to learn two basic things - does it will actually bring traffic to my blog and does it will help me rank better for specific keyword on Google's SERP.

Today, by writing these lines I have changed my mindset

On March 1st I created experiment - promoted Tbilisi restaurant reviews for local Georgian audience on Facebook.

At start of this Facebook Ads experiment I was expecting to spend around 5 dollar cents per page engagement - after 11 days of promotion I spent on average just 1 dollar cent per page engagement.That's an awesome return buddy! But wait...

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

My ad reached out 38,700 people in Georgia and 1,598 got engaged (clicked on link, liked post and liked my page) just by spending a dollar per day or total spent $11.00 on Facebook ads. But still I decided to stop this experiment. Why?

The reason I stopped this promotion was simple - shortly after I started this experiment and attracted a huge auditory of local Georgian audience, content from my site started to be copied around (without any attribution) to other local Georgian sites - one site just copy/pasted my Tbilisi Restaurant reviews and added to their site. Damn, that's not nice, right?

I immediately contacted that website and kindly asked to remove my content, it worked and my content got removed, then on second day I noticed some other local site has just copied pretty much of my content. This was the turning point and I decided to stop this experiment.

Was I really afraid of being copied?

Yes and No. In short - yes of course it's very unpleasant to be copied, on the other hand it's how the internet works. What I was really afraid - I just didn't attracted the right audience. 

What are your thoughts? Did I made the right decision by stopping my campaign? Leave me a comment!


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