Would I invest $2,000 in US stocks

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This article has been sitting in the blog's draft section since May 2018, I decided I just have to write an answer to this question - would I invest $2,000 in US stocks? 

Why $2,000? Apparently, that seemed quite a sum to lose back in 2018. I was just starting out my stocks portfolio and hadn't any idea about stock options.

Here are my thoughts about investing $2,000 back on May 17, 2018.

Hell, yes! That's what I'm actually trying to do right now - quickly gather $2,000 and start acquiring high dividend yield US stocks (preferably paying dividends monthly and quarterly)

I didn't explain more back then, but I guess I was more focused on crypto investments and peer-to-peer lending back then.

Now, how about now, investing $2,000 in the US stock market in 2022? Hell yes. Well, I wouldn't go for high-yielding dividend stocks - instead I would go selling put options for about one year on stocks priced $5-$20 and maybe dollar cost average some good dividend aristocrat stock on which sell call options later. 

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