Is your website traffic down on weekends?

<p>If you have a website and you are using some analytic tools, you might seen that at weekends your website traffic is down.</p><p>For example my<em> "worst"</em> day is Saturday.</p><p><img src="…; width="1026" height="257"></p><p><em>At the above image you can see - with <strong>red line</strong> I have marked Saturdays when my traffic is down, and with <strong>green line</strong> I have marked last Saturday, when I applied solution for that.</em></p><h2>So what solution am I talking about?</h2><p>Before that, let's take a look at another screenshot, this time traffic source -<strong> Organic Search (Google)</strong></p><p><img src="…; width="1026" height="257"></p><p><em>If you will look carefully at this screenshot, you will notice that my traffic is down, because of organic search traffic is down.</em></p><p>Since there is not much we can affect Google sends us more traffic on weekends (OK, we can work out our SEO), we must diversify our incoming website traffic.</p><p><strong>And now it's time for Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other)</strong></p><p><img src="…; width="1009" height="289"></p><p>Simple saying - use Social media in days your website traffic is down. Maybe Google will notice that, take in consideration your social media signals and will send you more traffic even in weekends.</p><p>As for me, my traffic goes down starting Wednesday till Saturday, and starting Sunday it climbs again.</p><p>My strategy is to change this, and be more active on social media sites - Wednesday - Saturday.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>