Can You Instagram 365 days in a row?

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I love challenges and just now I have launched another one - Can You Instagram 365 days in a row? 

Turns out I've been an active user of Instagram for some 7-8 years,  but I have never gotten what's the use of it, except posting nicely looking photos? 

A few days ago I started to watch the Netflix series - Emily in Paris and I thought cool - I can do this or at least I could try to get this by launching another cool 365 days challenge.

I travel quite frequently, so could post tons of travel photos. I ate at fancy restaurants, so can post a lot of fancy food. 

At the start of 2022 we are going to Sri Lanka, so guess there should come ton of nice photos.

that said, welcome to another interesting challenge. You can follow me here

At the start of this challenge I have 85 followers