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Samikitno Batumi Restaurant Samikitno is a popular restaurant chain across Georgia. We visited this Batumi restaurant in the late evening during our latest trip to the lovely seaside town of Batumi, after discovered that restaurant at hotel we stayed was already closed. See Ho
Privet iz Batuma Privet iz Batuma, literally meaning Hi from Batumi, if translated from Russian is just another cool cafe located in Georgian seaside resort city Batumi. Despite the name, giving a feeling you will be returned to the times of Imperial Russia, cuisine
Georgian Enamel Souvenir Shop in Batumi I tried hard, but couldn't locate precise location or name of this Georgian enamel souvenir shop in Batumi. What I know, most probably it's located on Zviad Gamsakhurdia street in Batumi, in the Goodwill shop area. Why I believe it's worth
Anker Hostel in Oslo Think hostels are cheap? Think twice. Anker hostel officially is the most expensive hostel I have stayed so far, and there is no surprise about that. Located in Oslo, one of the most expensive cities in the World (yes, I know one of the best salarie
Sputnik Hotel in Batumi I now have a new favorite hotel in Batumi - Sputnik hotel.  Surrounded by a garden with tropical plants and trees, this 4-stars Sputnik Hotel & Spa Batumi is nestled in Batumi Hills with a stunning views of the city and black sea. Hotel boa
Chiatura Cable-ways Central Station If you have a chance of visiting remote Georgian city Chiatura, make sure you take a free ride at one of the famous cable ways. Also don't forget to take your camera and make one of the interesting photos you will make in Georgia. Some call them Sta
Oslo Bus Terminal Oslo Bus Terminal was our second stop from our first time short trip to Norway,we arrived here from Moss Airport, Rygge, in June, 2016 and left back from the same terminal to airport in the next morning. Oslo Bus Terminal  is the main
Moss Airport, Rygge, Norway Moss airport Rygge officially marks my first entry point to Norway in Summer 2016. Unfortunately, or for good,  Rygge airport has been shut down to all civilian traffic on November 1, 2016. We arrived here from Malaga by Ryanair cheap flig
Katskhi Monastery of Nativity of the Savior Don't be surprised of the name Katskhi, this is a church located some 2km from the famous Katskhi pillar in Georgia. The Katskhi Monastery of Nativity of the Savior, more commonly known as the Katskhi Monastery is a medieval
Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport Málaga Airport, officially Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Spain after Madrid–Barajas, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. It is an important airport for Spanish tourism as it is the
Katskhi Pillar The Katskhi pillar is a natural limestone monolith located at the village of Katskhi in western Georgian region of Imereti, near the town of Chiatura. It is approximately 40 metres (130
Hotel Zen Airport Torremolinos, Spain Hotel Zen is a 3-star hotel located in Torremolinos, Spain - a good location, pretty close to the Malaga airport. We booked Hotel Zen as our last hotel during our week long travels in Spain before departing to Oslo, Norway. This property i
Samtavisi Cathedral Samtavisi is an eleventh-century Georgian Orthodox cathedral in eastern Georgia, in the region of Shida Kartli, some 45km from the nation’s capital Tbilisi. The cathedral is now one of the centers of the Eparchy of
Bulachauri restaurant Bulachauri restaurant probably is the restaurant I have visited the most - unfortunately I have never paid attention to the name of this place - I always know, that's that restaurant we always take meals when hiring our driver for trips to regio
Hotel Los Dolmenes in Antequera, Spain Hotel Los Dolmenes in Antequera is among my favorite hotels I have stayed so far.  We booked this hotel during our latest trip in Spain (a week in Andalusia) in June 2016. Set in the olive grove, close to the El Torcal this is a really val
Bazaleti Lake in Georgia The Bazaleti Lake is a lake in eastern Georgia some 60 km northwest of the nation's capital Tbilisi and 5 km south of the town of Dusheti. It is used for fish culture, irrigation and recreation. The n
El Torcal de Antequera El Torcal de Antequera is a nature reserve in the Sierra del Torcal mountain range located south of the city of Antequera, in the province of Málaga off the A45 road in Andalusia, Spain. It is known
Motel Istros Aviaparkas Motel Istros Aviaparkas is among the strangest and definitely the most solitary hotel I have ever stayed. Located some 4 kilometers from town of Panevezys in Lithuania. It was the evening of my 31st birthday and we returned home from our three day t
Vazha Pshavela House Museum in Chargali Vazha Pshavela house museum in Chargali features objects connected with life and work of well-known Georgian son and poet Vazha-Pshavela (1861-1915). Various publications of poet's works, paintings, graphics, sculptures and photog
IKEA Shopping in Vilnius, Lithuania IKEA store has been opened in Vilnius city already in 2013. This place is very popular among local and neighboring shopping travelers - Belarus and Latvia. There is no surprise seeing shoppers from Belarus here, as Minsk is less than 200km from Viln
Flamingo Lagoon near Fuente de Piedra in Spain I'm not into bird photography at all, but idea visiting one of the Worlds largest Flamingo lagoons today sounded great. We were on our 4th or 5th day traveling around region of Andalusia in Spain. Somehow small town of Fuente de Piedra popped up in
Osteria de Luca Italian Restaurant in Vilnius Osteria de Luca is an Italian restaurant located in the Old town of Vilnius, Lithuania. During my latest visit here in August 2016, they served delicious Italian cuisine, I tried a wrapped pizza - intrigue and amazing. I got the feelings they have t
Restaurant El Arador, Estepa, Spain I just love roadside cafeterias, so did happened today, we left Seville and had a direction towards Granada, after an hour of driving we started to feel hungry, it was lunch time. Luckly Restaurant El Arador popped up.  Restaurante El Ar
The Republic of Užupis (Vilnius, Lithuania) I have traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania a lot, for most of the times using Vilnius just as a transit stop. I decided to change this. It was my 31st birthday, and I opted for celebrations in Vilnius (I have a goal - to celebrate my birthday ea
Ujarma Fortress Meet another cool, thus not very popular tourism object in Georgia - Ujarma Fortress, located some 45 km east from the nation's capital Tbilisi. It's believed than in the second half of the 5th century, famous Vakhtang Gorgasali (founder of Tbi
Literatu street in Vilnius The chances are you will love this narrow street in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania if you are an avid reader, writer or just a true hipster (OK, just joking).  "Literatu street project" - formally name of the project. The wall with mounted
Iosebis Duqani (Joseph's Tavern) near Sasadilo Iosebis Duqani is just another cool roadside cafeteria, located near village of Sasadilo, in Mtskheta-Tianeti region, Georgia.  Often readers of my blog are familiar on my passion on roadside cafeterias, in most cases they are just excelle
Plaza de España in Seville Plaza de Espana, probably is listed among the TOP 10 tourism objects to visit in Seville, Spain. The fun fact is following - I learnt the name of this place just after finished photography here and actually just by a chance asking to a passer b
Sioni Water Reservoir (Georgia) I had never been to this area of Georgia before, the lucky day come and I negotiated with our driver to visit town of Tianeti. It was from Tianeti driver suggested us to visit Sioni lake, or more precisely Sioni water reservoir. In short - anoth
Hotel Review - Leflet Valme in Dos Hermanas, Spain Leflet Valme is a 3-star hotel located in a small town of Dos Hermanas in province of Sevile, Spain. We booked this hotel for one night prior of visiting Seville next morning. Our road took us here from Cadiz, and in fact we almost missed exit to Do