Solana (SOL) cost averaging in Raydium (RAY) token

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Terramatris crypto hedge fund's native token TerraM is powered by Solana blockchain and is available for swapping against USDC on Raydium. 

Raydium is a Solana-based decentralized exchange, automated market maker, money market, and token launchpad platform.

The other night I received 200 JUP tokens, which at the time were worth about $0.6 per coin, and I started to explore more. Jupiter seems interesting, but that led me to return to TerraM token and Raydium. 

Back in December 2022, we minted 10,000 TerraM tokens and immediately created an automated market maker on Raydium liquidity pool.  We probably could choose some other AMM provider among DEX (probably Jupiter), but that's the time I first learned about RAY token.

Anyhow never used it as thought it is something ... not for me. Stay with me, back in December price for 1 RAY coin was 0.18 USDC. Back then I was operating with about $2,000 for our crypto trades.

Fast forward to February 2024 and I'm buying RAY token at $1.14. In other words Raydium token has grown more than 6 times in little bit more than 1 year. Those 2K could easily be converted to $12,600. Mind blowing performance. 

Now if there is a lesson, I have learned - in crypto go big, but never risk money you cannot afford to lose.

At TerraMatris we trade put options, while reinvest premium back into crypto itself - in this manner we have built a true crypto hedge fund (at least we believe so). Besides developing and growing our own native TerraM token, Our focus for crypto investment at this moment is tied to BTC, ETH, XLM, USDC and SOL. 

After finding few SOL tokens in our phantom wallet I come up with quick idea - swapping SOL for RAY once a week on the Raydium Liquidity pool. Solana cost averaging. 

At this moment I'm considering buying RAY token using SOL once in a week, investing 0.02 SOL every Friday. We might raise the total investment over time, but at this moment will grow small. Minimum investment term - 1 year (2025), looking to exit at $10 per coin (no set time frame though)

Additionally we might consider yield farming on Raydium network using some of our coins in our arsenal - JUP, SOL, USDC RAY. Something to explore more.

While writing this article I provided liquidity to SOL/JUP pool, which at the time of writing promised about 90% APY on trading fees, According to Raydium our investment was about 0.03% from the total pool. Also it said fees collected in the last 24 hours were worth $254 for this pool. By doing quick math I come out with about 0.07 Cent per day. Not sure in which currency yet. 

Anyhow - this gives us some more ideas to explore what to do with RAY, SOL, JUP, TERRAM or any other Solana based token.

Interested to learn or partner up - consider TerraMatris crypto hedge fund or contact me at reinis.fischer [at]