Adsense Achievement - Been With Google Ads for 6 years Already

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Today when logged into my Google Adsense account I noticed a badge - saying - that I have been with Google Adsense for 6 years already. Damn, this has been a long ride, I actually do remember that 4th September late evening back in 2009, when I finally decided to give it a try for Google Adsense.

Here is the fun fact - I have earned a really modest income from Google Adsene  - it's about $366.00 in matter of six years (I haven't withdrawn my funds yet either). But most of the money made on Google Adsense dates back to the start of this blog. For many years before my Adsense account was innactive. 

Hopefully I will earn at least $360 in next 360 days. (For the last 2 months my Adsense earnings gives me about a dollar per day)

Google Adsense Achievment

Google Adsense Achievment

About AdSense achievement cards

If you see an “AdSense achievement” card on your Home page, it means that you’ve just passed a major milestone in your account’s history. Congratulations!

AdSense achievements are a fun way to celebrate important events in your AdSense career, such as reaching a total of 100,000 ad impressions, or serving your 1,000th ad impression on tablet/mobile, etc. Whenever you receive a card it’ll be shown on your Home page for a limited time before it expires automatically.