Could TerraM token price reach $2 in 2024?

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At the start of February 2024, price for 1 TerraM token on Raydium liquidity pool was about $1.08. In this article I will try to figure out and give an answer - could TerraM token potentially double its value in 2024. The short answer - sure it can!

TerraM is a native token for TerraMatris crypto hedge fund - in total there are 10,000 TerraM tokens minted, with about 411 TerraM tokens in circulation, and about 9,489 tokens still waiting to be distributed. 

We distribute tokens back to the liquidity pool gradually - at first earning the from crypto trades and then putting them back into TerraM tokens.

TerraMatris Hedge Fund Expands Reach: Distributes Additional 42 TerraM Tokens to Raydium Network After Achieving $500 Milestone

At the moment, there are about 163 tokens available for swapping against USDC of Raydium liquidity pool, with starting price $1.08.

Swap USDC for TerraM on Raydium

Each TerraM token corresponds to a 1/10,000th share in the Terramatris crypto hedge fund, allowing investors to gain exposure to a diversified range of assets and strategies. This not only spreads risk but also offers a chance to benefit from the fund's performance. 

The total value of crypto hedge fund as of writing this article is about $746.45

Currently, there are 163.85 coins (and growing) available for investment on the Raydium network. Learn How To Buy TerraM Token Using USDC coin and Phantom wallet

Answering the question - Could TerraM coin reach $2 per coin in 2024?

Yes, we truly believe TerraM coin will reach at least $2 per coin in 2024. 

Let me show you an example -  there are 163.85 TerraM coins fully backed by 176.98 USDC coins available on the Raydium network, and their value right now is about USD 1.08 per coin.

Some could buy  say 36.02 TerraM coins paying 50 USDC (pricing on Raydium is dynamic), increasing USDC in pool to 226.98, while decreasing TerraM to 127.83. In result, the price for TerraM token would increase from 1.08 USDC per coin to 1.77 USDC. 

Almost achieving target price of $2 per coin. There still would be 411 tokens in circulation, but some of them would be off the liquidity pool.

At TerraMatris we constantly add more TerraM tokens to the liquidity pool, fully backed by USDC. With the new increased token price to $1.77, next time we would want to add say 50 TerraM tokens to the liqudity pool, we would have to back them by 88.5 USDC. 

At this point, there would be 177.83 TerraM tokens in the liquidty pool backed by 315.48 USDC. Average price for one TerraM token 1.77 USDC. 

The total token count in circulation would grow to 461

Our goal is to grow value for TerraM token to at least $10, before all tokens being out in the circulaiton, I believe about half would stay in the liqudiity pool and the other half would circulate among token holders.

Interested to become a token holder for TerraM token? 

Currently we are running 10% airdrop, giving away 10% to every token holder once the funds value will reach $2,000. Learn more: Terram Token Airdrop: A 10% Reward for Every Holder as Fund Targets $2,000 Milestone by Mid-2024