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<p>I just wrote post - that this month <a title="I'm switching to Bing - for a month" href="">I'm switching my default search to Bing</a>. I did, and I started to explore - what Bing offers for me.</p><p>First thing I did - I signed up for Bing Webmasters and added my blog to it. I'll make another post soon - how to add your site to Bing Webmasters.</p><p>Few things I noticed - I got crawled surprisingly fast:</p><p><img src="; title="Bing Search Results" width="685" height="574"></p><p>For searching: I'm switching to Bing - My blog was listed in 4th place - just some 10 minutes after I made that post.</p><p>Second thing I noticed, using Bing Webmasters - SEO Analyzer, it looks super awesome:</p><p><img src="; title="Bing Seo analyzer" width="1019" height="588"></p><p>In matter of seconds I could find out all the issues related to my site: A you can see, I have not enabled meta tags, I'm missing alt text for images, and other. It's super cool IMHO.&nbsp;</p><p>So it's time to follow Bing Webmaster recommendations and resolve issues related to SEO.</p><p>I'm happy using Bing.</p>