SEO Analyzer from Bing

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 1,189

I just wrote post - that this month I'm switching my default search to Bing. I did, and I started to explore - what Bing offers for me.

First thing I did - I signed up for Bing Webmasters and added my blog to it. I'll make another post soon - how to add your site to Bing Webmasters.

Few things I noticed - I got crawled surprisingly fast:

For searching: I'm switching to Bing - My blog was listed in 4th place - just some 10 minutes after I made that post.

Second thing I noticed, using Bing Webmasters - SEO Analyzer, it looks super awesome:

In matter of seconds I could find out all the issues related to my site: A you can see, I have not enabled meta tags, I'm missing alt text for images, and other. It's super cool IMHO. 

So it's time to follow Bing Webmaster recommendations and resolve issues related to SEO.

I'm happy using Bing.


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