How to check Google rankings with Google Spreadsheets

<p>In this article I will show, how you can check and track your SERP with Google Spreadsheets.</p><p>But at first I will tell you a story - More than 3 years ago I started to work on a hobby (but large scale site) dedicated to Georgia. It was built with Drupal, involved Google maps, Feeds parsing (Flickr, Wikipedia and more Open data)</p><p>So basically I built a kinda Mash-up - web site, that aggregates different information related to tourism objects in Georgia (Kinda smaller Gogobot, Triposso e.t.c)</p><p>Under this serious hood was not enough money, and by saying money I mean - Advertisement.</p><p>Main impact was on Organic traffic. As time passed, more traffic come in. But the thing with Google is pretty simple - if you don't add new articles, your rankings drops. So you can try to build back-links and other things.</p><p>It's already more than 3 years passed since the start of this hobby project. I have made many mistakes with it - like loosen data on Server, then got banned from Google SERP and more.</p><p>But idea stays alive - to have a hobby site dedicated to Georgia. &nbsp;By now it's simple blog, with original articles from places I have been. So no more copy/paste Wikipedia - it just don't works.</p><p>Site still is in some recovery stage - it's still not appearing in Google SERP, but I'm ready to change this by providing more original content.</p><p><strong>And now it's time for Google Spreadsheet to come in help to check our SERP</strong></p><p><img src="; width="809" height="357"></p><p>Each column has it's own keyword, displaying it's position in Google SERP (You can adjust .com, .ca or any other location).</p><p>By first I'm checking does domain name itself appears in SERP, and if it rank N1 then it's just fine - your domain is not completely banned. Then I'm using different keyword combinations, and then I'm using post articles, to track down are they appearing or not.&nbsp;</p><p>To make it easier to track success or failures, I have created second sheet where I'm by hand writing positions:</p><p><img src="; width="702" height="209"></p><p>At this sheet I'm adding only those keywords that ranks in Google. As you can see, I have 3 columns dedicated to Search Volume, Competition and Price, well those are to calculate value for each of keyword. For keyword calculation I'm using Google Adwords.</p><p>Depending on your site and you, it's up to you how often you are tracking down your positions. My suggestions would be, do it once in a week.</p><p><strong><span style="line-height: 1.538em;">Since I'm not original author for these custom Google Spreadsheet functions, I will give you reference where I took this form from.</span></strong></p><p>…;