ABC Land - Children's party service in Tbilisi

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ABC Land children's party service is located in Saburtalo, Tbilisi on University Street N8.

I first heard about this place some time ago from another expat family here in Georgia, but first visited together at the start of September 2023, when we (our kid) got invited to a birthday party from our class at British International School in Tbilisi.

ABC Land center in Tbilisi

ABC land is located in a separate 5 or 6-story building, unlike kids' entertainment centers which are quite a few around in Tbilisi, this place is specially designated for kids' parties, like birthdays etc. and seems have to be reserved beforehand

Dinning area at ABC land

The event we atteneded was 5-year birthday party, event was held in English, there were few attractions, the total time was about 2 hours, with snacks both for kids and grownups

View towards Vake from ABC land balcony on third floor

It was a fun time spent together with kiddos and engaging in fun talks with other expat families.

Snacks at ABC Land

The place seems very professional, especially built or designated for kids' parties, with playrooms, softball etc. At this time I have no idea about pricing, as we were just guests here, but seems might be a little bit pricey, as I hear this place trendy among expat families here in Georgia. 

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