Entrepreneur, investor, traveler, Drupal consultant, photographer and passionate lover of Georgian cuisine.

My name is Reinis Fischer. I develop Drupal websites and mobile apps for small to medium business, photographer and lover of Georgian cuisine. I was born and raised in Riga (Latvia), but moved to the Tbilisi (Georgia) in 2011. I've started this blog, to keep memories, express my opinion, or just to have a good time and meet awesome people, just like you. 

I cover articles on indie travel (see my travel map), including hotel and restaurant reviews, gadgets and online shopping, geeky stuff about Drupal development or server configuration.  

I cover separate series on expatriate experience about living in Georgia. Using my Drupal experience I have built pretty popular, and IMHO neat, web app All about Georgia, helping  travelers like you to plan your trip. Book a tour in Georgia

Also I write about investments and economy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Affiliate Marketing and other blogging stuff sharing my knowledge on traffic and income building from a blog. I love DIY and recently I'm excelling as a main constructor in home remodeling works. If I have time I love to cook in the kitchen and share recipes via food blogger series and sometimes I take my photographer skills to the next level from digital photography school project. 

With help of my better part we run a separate photography series: Piece of Life

If you like it - you can call this place - a lifestyle blog with fintech touch

This website has been on internet since October 2013. It receives more than 70,000 unique monthly users.

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