About Georgia: Newspappers and Internet Sites in English Language

<p>The other day I was contacted by one of the local Georgian English-language newspaper offering me to write some articles for them.</p><p>I don't know did this offer included some payment as well (actually I have no idea how journalists receives salary - either they have some contract salary, maybe they receive per written words or it's all about sponsored stories - if you are a journalist - please leave me a comment regarding this)</p><p>Though this offer might sound tempting - I doubt I have any journalist talent, and instead of building traffic and awareness for others I prefer <a href="http://www.reinisfischer.com/blog-statistics">build traffic and awareness for my blog</a>. But I agree such deal might sound tempting and there is nothing wrong with it.</p><p>Anyway I decided to give a brief overview of newsletters in Georgia written in English language:</p><h2>Georgian Journal</h2><p><span>Welcome to the first English-speaking news channel in Georgia, provided by the Palitra&nbsp;Media House - the largest independent publishing house in the country. With our brand new internet television site we are proud to serve both English-speaking audiences in Georgia and abroad with breaking stories and with features relevant to the English speaking community.</span></p><p><br><span>We are a new site, a new product and a new team comprised of seasoned journalists. We welcome as much feedback as possible. Tell us how you want your news and we will try to make it happen.&nbsp;</span><br><br><span>We are here to provide quality balanced news and to save your time by processing and filtering relent media into English. Yet our goal can only be truly achieved if our audience works with us and provides requests and suggestions for how we should grow and shape our website.&nbsp;</span></p><p><span><a href="http://www.georgianjournal.ge">www.georgianjournal.ge</a></span></p><h2… is operated by The FINANCIAL, US focused newspaper with offices in Tbilisi, Georgia and Kiev, Ukraine. Website provides daily news updates of up to 1 000 global companies worldwide.</span></span></p><p><span><span><a href="http://finchannel.com">http://finchannel.com</a></span></span></p><h2><… Today</span></span></h2><p align="justify">Georgia Today is Georgia’s leading independent English-language newspaper, published weekly since 2000. Georgia Today is distributed throughout Georgia and internationally, and has an office on the East Coast USA. With the largest distribution area and the highest quality of printing and layout, we pride ourselves on Georgia Today’s reliability, professionalism and constant striving for improvement.</p><p align="justify">Georgia Today aims to create the most comprehensive, objective, and unbiased information about contemporary Georgia and spread it throughout the world. However, we recognize that any international workers or visitors to Georgia rely almost solely on the English-language press for information on news and current events, so our local and international editorial staff ensure that Georgia Today provides a sensible balance for its diverse readership.</p><p dir="ltr" align="left">We hope you enjoy your time with us.</p><p dir="ltr" align="left"><a href="http://www.georgiatoday.ge">www.georgiatoday.ge</a></p><h2 dir="ltr" align="left">The Messenger</h2><p dir="ltr" align="left"><span>The Messenger, published daily in Tbilisi, is the Georgia's leading English language daily newspaper.</span></p><div>The Georgian Messenger was first published on February 25, 1919, during the time of the first Georgian independent democratic republic (1918-1921). On February 25, 1921, Russian Bolsheviks occupied Georgia. The Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper at that time was Elisabeth Orbeliani. The original Georgian Messenger was a weekly newspaper and only 13 issues were ever published.</div><div>The newspaper was revived in October 1990 after Georgia regained its independence from the Soviet Union. The Georgian Messenger was then published irregularly until August 1993 under Irakli Kenchoshvili.</div><div>The Editor-in-Chief of&nbsp;<em>The Messenger</em>&nbsp;is Zaza Gachechiladze, Ph.D, a specialist in English literature and the author of books on Dylan Thomas and Geoffrey Chaucer. Before the Messenger, he founded and was Editor-in-Chief of the English language Georgian Times from 1994-2001.</div><div>The Messenger's subscribers include foreign embassies and governments, NGOs, top hotels, airlines and other businesses, as well as home readers. It is distributed in more than twenty countries throughout the world including the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Holland, France, Iran and Turkey.</div><div>Among the newspaper's contributors are leading experts in political science, economics and Georgian culture. The Messenger's reporters work throughout Georgia to cover breaking news stories and explain their significance, providing a vital source of information both for those living here and those planning to visit Georgia for the first time.</div><div>The newspaper's coverage includes Georgia and the South Caucasus, as well as the broader post-Soviet space.</div><div>The Messenger's trusted reporting is regularly cited by analysts with the Jamestown Foundation and Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty among others, and its editors have been interviewed by BBC World, the Guardian, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and other leading news outlets.</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div><a href="http://www.messenger.com.ge">http://www.messenger.com.ge</a></div><div>… can find your free copy of these newspappers at <a title="Tbilisi Airport" href="http://www.reinisfischer.com/tbilisi-airport">airports</a&gt;, your hotel lobby, popular restaurants and other places.</div><div>Time afer time I visit some hotel lobby or some restaurant just to read those newspappers. Once I even tried to make a <a href="http://www.reinisfischer.com/spar-enters-georgian-market-scania-produce… Press Review</a>.</div><div>Hope this helps</div>