Bird Watching Tower on Sloka Lake

Updated: 8 February, 2022 seen 164

Bird watching tower on Sloka lake actually is a floating platform which is a very popular tourist attraction among the locals and bird watchers.

Discovered in the early May 2018, during our "living in Jūrmala" series. 

Bird watching tower on Sloka Lake

Bird watching tower on Sloka Lake

The bird watching tower actually is just one point from Sloka lake walking trail:

The trail winds through diverse forest settings along the coastline of the lake populated by numerous waterfowl. It starts and ends next to Sloka Lake, where there is a car parking lot a picnic site and a 7 m high floating overhead platform for sightseers.  Hiking on the trail takes you to a number of interesting sites: the swamp forests of Vēršupīte, a sulfur spring next to Sloka Lake, the great bolder and several swamp lakes.   

Walking on the trail gives you a chance to test your physical fitness by trying out the swing, walking on a narrow log, climbing and doing other fitness tests. 

The overhead platform is a good place for bird watching on Sloka Lake.

Pontoon footbridge connected to the platform

Pontoon footbridge connected to the platform


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