Blog Traffic Report - August 2015 - 34,509 Users

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Welcome to the 23rd blog traffic and statistics report. Since the very first month of my blogging career I have created a monthly blog statistics reports and starting January 2014 a blog income reports. These numbers helps me stay focused, motivates and hopefully can inspire you as well.

If you want to learn more about how to start a blog and make it successful - I recently started a blog post covering things you should do. 

I'm very excited to report that despite many obstacles in my offline life (Generally all August was spent on home remodeling tasks) This August managed to crack another very important milestone - for a very first time my blog crossed 30K users milestone - it's more than 1,000 users daily. It's just amazing. I still remember those days when I was dreaming to get over 100 daily users. I mean - 1,000 users? Daily? That's AWESOME.

I believe the recent Google Panda 4.2 update helped me a lot.

Blog Traffic August 2015

As I already mentioned August was a record breaker month and in total this blog attracted pretty decent 34,509 users - It;s already more than one third of my goal reaching 100K users per month. 

Blog Traffic Report August 2015Blog Traffic Report August 2015

  • Last August comes with a very strong 32.41% traffic gain if compared to previous month (July).
  • Average daily user count: 1,113.19

Last August in total I published 31 articles, many articles covered my travels to US back in Summer 2013.

August 2015 vs August 2014

My blog soon will turn 2. And I really enjoy to compare were I was a year ago.

Blog Traffic Report August 2015 VS August 2014Blog Traffic Report August 2015 VS August 2014

Ahh, what a lovely 1,235% growth over a year!

Forecast for next month / next year

As usual I will end my traffic report post with a forecast/goal for the next month. And  I will try to forecast my traffic report for the next year.

Speaking of the monthly forecast - I will be happy with anything above 30,000 this time, of course it would be lovely to continue a strong growth and reach 40,000 user milestone, but for now I'm pretty happy with more than 1,000 daily users.

Now, regarding about the forecast for the next year. That's a tough one actually! I will be very optimistic and 70,000 would be a great result for month of August 2016.

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing!