Blog Traffic Report - December 2014

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<p>Welcome to monthly blog traffic report, today I will share some data how my blog performed on month of December 2014.</p><p>As it turns out this is already 15th blog traffic report.&nbsp;</p><p>In short - December was a great month, traffic first time <strong>cracked 10,000 milestone</strong> and ended with <strong>13,074 unique visitors</strong>.</p><p><img src="; alt="Blog Traffic Report December 2014" title="Blog Traffic Report December 2014" width="1015" height="576"></p><p><em>Blog Traffic Report December 2014 (Source Google Analytics)</em></p><ul><li>13,074 unique visitors is a <strong>43.73% growth</strong> compared to previous month</li><li>It's <strong>3,978 unique visitors gain</strong> if compared to previous month</li><li>13,074 unique visitors in a month, is an average <strong>421.74 unique visitors</strong> in a day, again it's up from 303.2 in previous month.</li></ul><p>When I forecasted results for December month (<a href="">in previous report covering November</a>) this is what I told:</p><blockquote><p><span>At this point I will forecast results for December - it would be great to crack 10,000 mark, but I will say - a drop could happen, so my goal is to reach at least 6,000 unique visitors in month of December.</span></p></blockquote><p>Now - the great thing happened and I cracked a 10,000 unique visitors milestone.</p><h2>December 2014 VS December 2013</h2><p>My blog is about 15 month old, and I have been doing <a href="">monthly traffic reports</a> from first month starting. So it's easy to compare were I was a year ago.</p><p><img src="…; alt="Blog Traffic Report: December 2014 vs December 2013" title="Blog Traffic Report: December 2014 vs December 2013" width="1011" height="433"></p><p><em>Blog Traffic Report: December 2014 vs December 2013 (Data Source: Google Analytics)</em></p><p>A year ago I managed to attract to my blog really modest, not to say pathetic 74 unique visitors, following words I used then to describe my results:</p><blockquote><p><span>In month of December my blog has attracted just 74 unique visitors, what is very bad result. It has been already 3 months since I started to blog, and 74 visitors in one month is very bad result. On other hand - I haven't done much promoting, just re-posting to my Twitter account.</span></p></blockquote><p><span>Well - I haven't done any social (Twitter) promotion at all this December (Well all of my post are synced to my Twitter account) - but it's pretty&nbsp;impressive&nbsp;<strong>17.567% growth in last 12 month</strong>. I'm happy - what else&nbsp;can I add to this.</span></p><h2><span>Road to 100,000 unique visitors in a month</span></h2><p>Starting last summer, I have been measuring my success (or failures) &nbsp;to reach 100,000 unique visitors in a month. Since there is nothing much I can analyse (just actual traffic results) - at end of the December - I stand at <strong>13% level of eventual 100,000 unique visitors</strong>. I doubt I will reach 100 K any time soon, but it's good to know were you stand right now.</p><h2>What I have done in month of December</h2><p>There is no magic or formula - it's just a blog writing and up keeping (maybe a little bit following global trends). In short I have been <a href="">consecutive bloging each day, starting October 2013</a> (missing just <a href="">2 days in May 2014</a>). Another formula I'm trying to stick with - to <a href="">write a minimum 500 words article each day</a>.</p><p>In days I have no good internet access I'm posting from my phone. I'm trying to stay focused to not to miss a single day of blog post each and every day. That simple.</p><h2>Traffic sources</h2><p>More than 80% of traffic in month of December to my blog came from Google search. Social traffic (Facebook, Twiiter) accounts for about 3.67% and referral traffic for some 2.3%.</p><h2>In conclusion</h2><p>Last month (December 2014) was a best month so far in terms of unique visitors. It was a first time I ever cracked 10,000 unique visitors milestone.&nbsp;</p><p>Speaking of forecast for January - I will keep my forecast modest - 10,000 unique visitors or a little bit less (I'm afraid of traffic drop)</p>