Blog Traffic Report - July 2015 - 26,063 Users

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Welcome to the 22nd blog traffic and statistics report. Since the very first month of my blogging career I have created a monthly blog statistics reports and starting January 2014 a blog income reports. These numbers helps me stay focused, motivates and hopefully can inspire you as well.

Since this is already the 22nd traffic report, for me it feels kinda special - its just 2 more months, and my blog will celebrate it's 2 year anniversary. Read more how I felt like turning 1: Blog One Year Anniversary

July was another record breaker month and in total this blog attracted pretty decent 26,063 users - It;s already more than one forth of my goal reaching 100K users per month. Good to know.

Blog Traffic Report July 2015

Blog Traffic Report July 2015

  • Last July comes with a strong 15.48% traffic gain if compared to previous month (June).
  • Average daily user count: 840.74

By now I'm looking to crack the 30,000 users milestone, and I have a strong inner feeling telling that I will most probably crack this milestone this month (August)

Last July in total I published 39 articles, a lot of travel stuff, and a few affiliate marketing articles

July 2015 vs July 2014

This is another interesting trend I like to measure. My blog now is 22 months old and since I have been doing monthly traffic reports from the very first blogging month, it's easy to compare where I was year ago.

Blog traffic report: July 2015 vs July 2014Blog traffic report: July 2015 vs July 2014

Recently I got contacted by some starting blogger and he asked me, like - hey buddy, you have a lot of traffic, what's the magic? My answer is short, there is no magic at all, just constant, everyday blogging for already 22 months. And I'm really excited seeing 1,069.79% growth in traffic over a year period. 

Forecast for next month / next year

As usual I will end my traffic report post with a forecast/goal for the next month. And for the third time I will try to forecast my traffic report for the next year.

Speaking of the monthly forecast - I eager to crack 30,000 user milestone, anything above will be excellent, anything bellow will be a humble result.

Now, regarding a forecast for the next year. That's a tough one actually! I will be very optimistic and forecast some 70,000 for month of July 2016.

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing!