Blog Traffic Report - June 2015 - 22,569 Users

Updated: 17 July, 2015 seen 816

Welcome to the 21st blog traffic and statistics report. Since the very first month of my blogging career I have created a monthly blog statistics and starting January 2014 a blog income reports.

June was the absolute best in traffic numbers yet. For the third time I managed to crack the 20,000 user milestone and did set a new personal record (yet) - 22,569 monthly users. I first cracked 20K milestone back in March and May (2015). Technically speaking my traffic numbers have been around 20K since the start of 2015.

Blog Traffic Report June 2015 Source: Google Analytics

Blog Traffic Report June 2015 Source: Google Analytics

  • June comes with a 8.29% traffic gain if compared to month of May. Average daily user count: 752.33.

Now - at the end of my May traffic report I expressed hopes to reach modest - 5% growth in June. Well, I reached more than 8% growth last month. Great!

An medium traffic spike to my blog happened at the start of June, when my post about average salaries in European Union got posted on Reddit. That day traffic to my blog accounted to 2,071 users. 

This was a third major traffic spike to my blog in it's short 21 month existence period. Read more: First Traffic Spike, Second traffic spike

I'm looking to crack 30,000 user per month milestone in coming months (It would be nice to reach that milestone at the end of September)

In June I posted 31 articles, mainly photo stories and best selling lists .

June 2015 VS June 2014

This is another interesting trend I like to measure. My blog now is 21 months old and since I have been doing monthly traffic reports from the very first blogging month, it's easy to compare where I was year ago.

Blog Traffic Report: June 2015 vs June 2014 (Data source: Google Analytics)

Blog Traffic Report: June 2015 vs June 2014 (Data source: Google Analytics)

Right, having a 1,413.68% growth over a year is an awesome growth. If I would manage to keep such growth rates in a long term, then in June 2016 I should have 341,622.43 users. Well I doubt I will reach a one fifth (68,000) of that number a year latter, but I would love to see some 55,000 users after one year.

Road to 100,000 Users in a month

Starting last July, I have been measuring my success (or failures) to reach 100,000 unique visitors in a month.

Since there is nothing much I can analyse (just actual traffic results) - at end of the June 2015 - I stand at 22,56% level of eventual 100,000 unique visitors. That's almost  1/4 of my goal. I doubt I will reach 100 K any time soon, but I believe it might happen in next 2 years (Last summer I was concerned that it should take at least 5 years)

Any forecast for next month? Maybe next year?

Sure buddy, sure. As usual I will end my traffic report post with a forecast/goal for the next month. And for the second time I will try to forecast my traffic report for the next year.

Speaking of the monthly forecast - I will keep it a humble and will aim for a 10% growth. 25,000 (or close to that) unique users at the end of July will be absolutely brilliant result.

Now, regarding a forecast for the next year. That's a tough one actually! I will say I would love to see 55,000 unique users for the month of June 2016. 

Any comments?


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