Blog Traffic Report - November 2014

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<p>This is already 14 blog traffic report, this time covering November 2014.</p><p>In short - November was a month of gainer, it beat&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.538em;">all of my expectations.</span></p><p><img src="…; alt="Blog Traffic November 2014" title="Blog Traffic November 2014" width="1012" height="392"></p><p><em>Blog Traffic November 2014 (Data Source: Google Analytics)</em></p><ul><li>My blog got <strong>9,096 unique visitors</strong> what is a <strong>90.09% growth</strong> if compared to <a href="">previous month</a></li><li>It's <strong>4,311 unique visitor gain</strong> if compared to previous month</li><li>9,096 unique visitors in a month makes average <strong>303.2 unique visitors in a day</strong>. It's up from 154.3 in previous month.</li></ul><p>Though these number might look modest for some, for me it's a great achievement, <strong>I not only cracked 5,000 goal</strong> I set previous month - I did setup a personal record so far. My previous best personal result was 5,988 back in January 2010.</p><p>When <a href="">I started this blog, back in October 2013</a>, I did set up a goal to crack 6,000 unique visitors per month in a year. Though it took me more than year to reach that goal- I finally achieved that. And it's important for me.</p><p>Now - I'm not willing to wait for another 5 years to beat my personal best, and right now it's important to keep these number growing and gain more confidence that it's not some accidental result,but that it's just a regularity of hard work putted in to make this happen.</p><p>While, I must admit a 90% growth month-to-month makes we worried. I'm afraid of &nbsp;-&nbsp;<strong>who are rising high, falls low</strong> effect.&nbsp;</p><h2>Ok, back to pleasant</h2><p><img src="…; alt="Blog Traffic Report (November 2013 VS November 2014)" title="Blog Traffic Report (November 2013 VS November 2014)" width="1016" height="445"></p><p><em>Blog Traffic Report (November 2013 VS November 2014)</em></p><p>If 9,000 unique's looks modest, what can we say of 50 unique's a year ago? - Pathetic? Probably!</p><p>On the other hand we can see that hard work leads us to some results - I mean <strong>18,092% growth</strong> in 12 months - doesn't sounds so pathetic any more?</p><p>I used following words back in <a href="">December 2013</a>, to describe my blog traffic in November 2013:</p><blockquote><p><span>In month of November I have attracted 50 unique visitors to my site, which I think is very bad result. In October I attracted just 39, but that was first month of bloging, and even so, I started not on 1st October, but on 10th of October. Number of 50 unique visitors for site in 30 days is really, really bad result. I'm not even talking about some static site, where content has been outdated for many years - I'm talking about blog, which posts everyday some article.</span></p></blockquote><p>Now - I'm glad I dedicated the following words a year ago - because for now I have this great done job feeling.</p><h2>What you can learn from that?</h2><p>If you are just at the starting steps of building your blog or you are looking for some confidence - don't be scared of low numbers at start - keep doing what you are doing - the result will come.</p><p>And you now what - I still believe that 9,000 unique users in a month is modest result after 14 months. You can do it much better than me :)</p><h2>Road to 100K unique visitors</h2><p>This summer I red on some blog, that a successful blogger has around 100K unique visitors in a month</p><blockquote><p>By saying&nbsp;successful&nbsp;blog author was meaning a blogger&nbsp;<a href="; target="_blank">who earns a decent money from blog</a>. Well for me it sounds a&nbsp;little&nbsp;untrustworthy, first of all 100K visitors - what is that? Visitors or Unique visitors? &nbsp;To make a decent income - yes I agree chance if you have 100K (unique) visitors are much higher you will earn decent income to if you have 2K (unique) visitors.</p><p class="page-header">Anyway - I decided to make my long-term goal &nbsp;-<strong>&nbsp;to achieve 100K unique visitors per month</strong>&nbsp;(and to probably earn a decent income). My forecasts - it could take me&nbsp;<strong>at least 5 years</strong>&nbsp;starting today. I will not focus right now to get them - but I will use 100K as an indicator to see - how I'm performing compared to virtual 100K.</p></blockquote><p class="page-header">and now I'm standing at <strong>9% mark for my 100K goal</strong> - will it take me 5 years to reach 100k? <strong>Probably. I don't now</strong>. But one is for sure - having your goals (realistic) set will help you achieve them.</p><h2 class="page-header">In conclusion:</h2><p class="page-header">Month of November was great, I reached my personal best result, though there is still place for doubts - how to keep growing and not to fall.</p><p class="page-header">At this point I will forecast results for December - it would be great to crack 10,000 mark, but I will say - a drop could happen, so my goal is to reach at least 6,000 unique visitors in month of December.</p>