Blog Traffic Report - September 2014

Updated: 1 October, 2014 seen 1,090

Welcome to my monthly blog traffic report. This month it's kinda special it marks 12 months since I started to blog. Though the full one year of blogging will be marked on October 10th.

A year ago - I started my blogging adventure, and one of my goals was to achieve around 6,000 unique visitors in month till the end of September/October (2014).

So, for September it's for sure, I didn't reached my goal - 6,000 unique visitors a month..

How my blog performed on month of September?

I got 3,364 unique visitors, what is a 30.19% growth compared to August traffic

September blog traffic report

September blog traffic report

  • I have managed to attract 780 more unique visitors if compared to previous month (2584)
  • 3,384 unique visitors makes average 112.13 unique's day, what is up by 28.78 a day (previous 83.35)
  • The least visitors as usual I'm getting on weekends, the day with less visitors sent me 74 unique visitors

I did fail of writing a minimum 500 words per article per day, but I didn't fail to write every day. Main issue with minimum 500 words per article - 10 days travel abroad, and acquiring a new customer on large scale Drupal projects, which literally takes off almost all of mine free time. Good for my job, bad for my blog.

Unfortunately it seems  I will not be able to complete this month (October) with minimum 500 words per day as well. I'm still working on my main job, and I have a 7 days travel to Spain planned at the middle of October. 

To not to miss a day in my blogging career I'm using a few "cheats" one of them is writing in form of future. I have built some Drupal magic to help me publish content in "future". I will definetly use this tactic this month as well. The problem - I still don't have much free spare time for writing stuff :(

Power of Google Search

Trend which started last month, continued in September as well. My primary traffic source is Google search engine. September marked a record high number of organic search making it total in 84.76% from all traffic.

If honest, I'm a bit scarred... I mean to relay on Google for 84.76% might be dangerous. Unfortunately I didn't perform much social media activities last month, though I have a pretty solid Twitter followers base (more than 13K)

Now, in overall I'm happy with September traffic results, though I didn't achieved a goal I set about a year ago - to reach 6,000 unique visitors. There still is time to complete this goal in October, but if honest, I doubt it will happen so soon. I believe it's achievable in next 3 months though. Probably I will achieve 6,000 mark by end of this December.

Speaking of my forecast for this month (October) - i will keep my forecast modest - I'm looking for 10% growth. 3,700 - 4,000 is my forecast and goal for this month.

P.S. When I forecasted results for September, this is what I said:

To get above 3,000 unique visitors.

Well, that's done.

And again I'm very pleased with results, but most interesting will follow tomorrow, when I'll share my Online Income Report for month of September.