Building Drupal 8 Translation Project Management System From Scratch

Updated: 5 June, 2018 seen 63

There are many translation project management systems out there, some are better, some are not so good, some are for free or open source while others might be pricey. 

Working in a close and good corporation with a translation company in Tbilisi, in the past, I have helped to set up many systems required for a smooth every-day work for a typical translation company.

Now I decided to see - could Drupal help us build a translation project management system, and surprisingly but after a little brainstorming and a few tests with actual Drupal I found - indeed it's possible to build a translation project management system for internal use of project managers.

And that's why I decided to test building the so-called minimum viable product approach - the system capable of storing data about translators (providers), customers, purchase orders and invoices.

In fact, most of the functionality could be achieved by using Drupal content types, some views and extra pdf and mailing system.

The hard work for handling administrative tasks could be handled by using Drupal views filters.

I believe it will take me about 3-6 months to fully develop such system from scratch. If you might be interested in testing or helping to build it, contact me or leave a comment below.



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