In this article I'll show how I have built a travel map using Drupal and a few extra modules.

For a starter, you can see a live preview by visiting my Travel Map.

In this map I have listed all places I have visited since October 2013 (When I started my blog). I have used a few filters to allow limit a results on a map, like users can filter by: Country, Region and Theme (Category).

To make it work better and more intuitive I have used a small but neat Drupal module - Views Selective Filters

Drupal travel map

Location and Gmap module

First things first, you will need to download and enable Location and Gmap modules. With help of these modules we will actually enter and store Geospatial data on our Drupal site.

Adding Location to Content Type

Next thing you should do is to configure a location field for your content type (s)

Building a views page

Now when you have configured a location and gmap modules, as well you have added a few nodes with location details you can start creating your views page. 

Create a new view with a page, give it a path, for example /map. Change a display settings from Unformatted list to Gmap

Drupal Views Gmap display

Add fields you wish to be displayed on a map page.

Views selective filters

This is a little and neat module that will help you add a selective type filters on your view, for example country, region or category

Basically that's all to get you start to build your own travel map on your Drupal blog or website. If you find any questions, please leave me a comment.